At Home Proper brings food with intention to your table at home. We strive to create products that make meals at home taste as though they were cooked by a professional chef. We focus on ingredients that create one of a kind additions to your table, to be shared with those you enjoy the most.

Asheville’s first locally made steak sauce, from the kitchen of Chef Owen McGlynn. Chef McGlynn is the creative visionary behind the menu at Asheville’s only locally owned steakhouse, Asheville Proper. Chef McGlynn has spent hours perfecting this classic steak sauce recipe. Using only the finest ingredients, he has developed a flavor that has just the right amount of depth, tanginess, and balance. The perfect pairing for this sauce includes steak, chicken and veggies. It can be used as a sauce to dip, a sauce to marinade or a sauce to finish. Perfect for all foods cooked over the embers of a backyard grill.
Owen McGlynn

Owen is a native of Lakewood, Ohio, where he was born and raised as one of 6 kids. Owen began his culinary career while working his way through college in Bowling Green, Ohio. It was there that he realized his passion went far beyond a business degree. He decided that his talents would be best served attending culinary school. He moved to Charleston, South Carolina to attend culinary school at the acclaimed Johnson and Wales School of Culinary Arts. It was there that he worked alongside some of the most talented people in the Southern food scene. His talents took him to Greenville, South Carolina where he worked to open High Cotton’s second location.

Once the mountains of WNC came calling, he packed up and moved to Asheville, NC to open Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro with his then girlfriend, Mindi. There, he worked for almost 9 years. He is currently the Executive Chef and Owner of Asheville Proper.  Asheville Proper is the only locally owned steakhouse in Asheville, NC.  The menu consists of a la carte steaks, sides and shareable appetizers.  Owen strives to use simple, straightforward ingredients to create big bold flavors.  Focusing on balance, he has created a one of a kind live fire experience.  At Home Proper was created to connect the home cook with the means to create one of a kind experiences in the comfort of their own home.

Asheville Proper Steak House